Modernization Details

If maintained properly and in normal use situation, the average serive life of elevator is 10 years. With the elevator service time countiuning, both the mechanical and electrical parts are aging and less fuctional. Consequently, the safety of elevator is degrading and potential risk is getting high. Ostar Elevator has rich and leading experience in lift modernization field, especially in the control and drive system. Based on our past experience and market demand, we have prepared several integrated modernization solutions to our customers together with economic and qualified spare parts.
Ostar, working together with its clients develops customized solutions for the modernization of the older elevators combining the cost effectiveness with the highest quality outcome.
The Ostar Modernization Solutions cover:

1. Comfortable transport with emphasis on the passengers' safety

2. Energy savings

3. High performance levels

4. Superb compatibility

5. Minimization of the maintenance costs

6. Modern Design