Benefits of Using an Elevator Access Control System
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Benefits of Using an Elevator Access Control System

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Elevator access control systems grant certain people access to specific floors in a building at predetermined times. Systems can control various numbers of elevators, depending on the control panel that is chosen. This can improve a business’s security and reduce costs.

An identification device can be issued to each person who works in the facility to grant access to specific floors within the building. Elevator access can be integrated with CCTV cameras to see who is attempting to use elevators to access various floors.

Elevator access can be granted or denied based on the user’s classification, the time of day, the elevator the person is attempting to use, and the armed state of a department. The status of a zone can be changed to grant or deny access. Elevator access control systems can be created that are both flexible and secure.

A company’s staff can change frequently. Employees can lose keys or not turn them in when their employment ends. By assigning each person a proximity card or key fob, an individual device can be removed from the system, which eliminates the need to change the locks in each elevator.

Many businesses require a supervisor to be present before other employees are allowed into the building. An elevator access control system can be set up so that only supervisors can disarm elevators and allow other personnel access.

Different departments can operate on different schedules. An access control system can allow access to individual elevators only at specific times.

The general public needs to be kept out of restricted areas. This can be accomplished by automatically locking and unlocking lobby elevators at specific times.

Employing guards to protect a business can be expensive. Using an elevator access control system, intercoms, and cameras can reduce the need for guards and lower costs.

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