Ostar Cargo Elevator
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Ostar Cargo Elevator


Ostar cargo elevator utilizes the advanced microcomputer control technology, through technical mergence, greatly increased cargo elevator’s performance and quality, greatly reduced the incidence of the fault; by using the exchange of two-speed electric drive technology to elevator, its structure becomes more compact, more convenient maintenance.  

Ostar cargo elevator has bright and spacious, economical and practical car with the optimized design, which offers convenience for transporting goods safely, reliably and stably. The cargo elevator can be used for different purposes and used in different environments, such as in factories, production lines, warehouses, shopping malls, shopping centers, exhibition halls, libraries, and so on. Its huge loading capacity can meet the needs of customers to great extent.

Standard Car
Ceiling: Spray coating steel plate (optional color)
Car wall: Spray coating steel plate (optional color)
Lighting: Fluorescent lamp
Car door: Spray coating steel plate (optional color)
Floor: Riffled plate

Excellent Performance

Superior speed control properties

Unique curve running condition of variable frequency cargo elevator VVVF speed control can smoothly adjust the elevator speed. It greatly improves the leveling accuracy and reduces running noise. It can safely and smoothly deliver the goods to the final destination.
Superior torque characteristics

It lies in the constant torque characteristics to great feature of VVVF speed control. No matter for light or heavy loading, it will always not influence the running speed.

Cargo Elevator


Our Ostar Elevator will continue to provide excellent service for customers with philosophy of strict standard, high quality and best service.


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